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Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Central Heating InstallerThe Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a funding stream that runs in conjunction with Green Deal.

Major energy companies are obligated by Government to provide funding for energy saving installation in order to meet carbon reduction targets and help vulnerable householders reduce their fuel bills.

Homeowners that claim qualifying state benefits or live in properties that are deemed as hard to treat, can get ECO grants towards their domestic energy saving upgrades.

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The ECO scheme will run until March 2017. Energy Companies will invest around £1.3 billion a year to support the most vulnerable homes and communities. ECO replaced the Government’s previous funding initiatives, CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) and CESP (Community Energy Saving Programme) in 2013.

Occupancy assessments will identify which residents are eligible for ECO funding by reviewing their living conditions and personal circumstances (e.g. age, benefit entitlements etc).

ECO Strands

ECO is divided into three strands and customers will be categorised accordingly. The three ECO strands are:

the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO),

the Carbon Emission Reduction Obligation (CERO)

the Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCO)

Each ECO strand reflects a different obligation that the Energy Companies have to meet.

ECO Measures

ECO measures are prioritised depending on which ECO strand a customer falls into and assigned as either primary or secondary measures.

A primary measure is a product or services that can be independently subsidised through ECO. Secondary measures can only be funded through ECO if a primary measure is also being installed. The primary measure (e.g. external wall insulation or hard to treat cavity wall insulation, etc) will need to encompass at least 50% of the property’s external perimeter wall.

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Installers wishing to access ECO funding through the Hub will need to profile their customers against the eligibility criteria of the relevant ECO strand.

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ECO Funding for Installers

For the latest update on ECO funding opportunities please visit our webpage HHCRO ECO Funding Now Available 

Through Green Deal Installer Hub, you can connect to the award winning community interest company, Yorkshire Energy Services. The organisation works in partnership with a number of Energy Providers and can access ECO funding on behalf of installers.

Yorkshire Energy Services is actively seeking companies interested in becoming a Green Deal and ECO installer.

If you’re looking to work on ECO contracts or have a project in the pipeline which would benefit from ECO funding, get in touch today. Membership to Green Deal Installer Hub is free, so register your details and find out how you can access ECO funding in your area.